We did it!

We have received 100% of our goal in commitments

Posted by Mountain Lodge on February 19, 2017

We did it!

We have now received 100% of the commitments needed to reach our goal of raising $950,000 for our Mountain Lodge Fundraising Campaign. Providing the commitments are fulfilled we will wrap up our fundraising for this project. Thank you for your sacrificial giving that made reaching this goal possible.

So let’s celebrate together! Think back to the monumental task that we faced. This project was four times the size of anything Medeba has ever undertaken. We stepped out in faith, relying on God to move in the hearts of friends of Medeba and partnering with us to fulfill this goal.

We are Within Budget

We are pleased to report that Mountain Lodge expenses are being kept within the overall budget. Steve Archibald has done a fantastic job at managing this complicated project while continuing with all of his regular responsibilities.

Not only are expenses being kept within the budget but we are also pleased to report that the fulfillment of Mountain Lodge commitments and cash flow estimates are on target too and we anticipate commitments continuing to be fulfilled throughout 2017 and 2018.

Climbing Hold Fundraiser Continues

This fall we began our Climbing Hold fundraiser to enhance the Crag Climbing Gym and have received funds for several hundred holds. We will continue to encourage people who visit Medeba to purchase climbing holds, sign the back and donate them to us. Having more holds will help improve the functionality of the gym. Check out more information on the Mountain Lodge Climbing Hold Fundraiser here.

God Deserves All the Glory

Every time we look at the building we are reminded that we didn’t do this because we are amazing at fundraising, but that God used hundreds of regular people to make this happen. There are so many amazing stories of people sacrificially giving funds, gifts in kind and time.