The Old Has Gone!

The New is Coming!

Posted by Mountain Lodge on May 28, 2016

A Lot has happened on Mountain Lodge in the past few weeks. The water supply and electrical supply to the Old Lodge have been moved to a small cement slab inside the building. Then the lower level of the Old Lodge was completely removed. The old is now gone…but the new is coming soon!

Stay tuned over the next few weeks to see how things continue to develop. Lord willing here is our plan for the next number of weeks:

  • May 30-June2 – Finish footings for inner walls
  • June 3-5 – Lay 1,400 cement blocks on lower level
  • June 8 – Crane to set in place the core slabs as the floor of the second level
  • June 9-24 – Erect walls on second level
  • July 7 – Erect trusses for roof

Be sure to keep checking for ongoing pictorial updates!

Mountain Lodge is coming soon!