Mountain Lodge is quickly taking shape

Mountain Lodge is quickly taking shape! We’ve had an exciting week at the construction site! The block layers came in on the weekend and created the Canyon Lounge, the Crag Climbing Gym and the Camp Store out of 1500 cement blocks! It was exciting to come in on Monday and see where the rooms will be.

Yesterday was a 6 year old boy’s dream day, bringing a big crane and 6 flatbed trucks to Mountain Lodge. Now that the foundation walls were built, the crane could lift the coreslab pieces off of the flatbed and onto the walls to create the flooring. Check out the video on our facebook page:

Today, the front walls are being framed in. Changes are happening quickly! We are excited to see it all take shape! It’s easy now to imagine our summer campers enjoying a session at the climbing wall, or a school group hanging out in the canyon lounge. Or count the steps from the dining hall to where washrooms will be located in Mountain Lodge! Stay tuned for more…