Demolition Is Underway!

A fond farewell to years of memories

Posted by Mountain Lodge on April 16, 2016

Demolition of the old lodge has begun. It is bittersweet – a hard emotion to describe. There have been countless memories made by so many people over the years, and at the same time we are excited for the new building and how it will also be used to create Medeba memories and impact lives.

As we look ahead to Medeba’s future and the benefits of increased meeting space, a separate room for the climbing wall, washrooms inside the building, and hang out space in the lounge; we never want to forget about what has happened in the past.

How many countless hours have been spent practicing climbing moves on the indoor wall? How many games have been played on the lodge floor? How many people have memories of Impact time in the Lodge – with Wally and Beav, stories and songs? How many camp fires crackled in the fireplace? Who remembers going to the washroom in the basement of the Lodge? This old building has been a factor in the impact and life change to the many who have called Medeba ‘home’ in the past.

Before we move on too quickly, we wanted to do a shout out to the old building and it’s memories and take a moment to remember all the good times!

And now we look forward to a new era and new generation of campers, students, staff, Proságo participants and others who will make their own memories in the brand new Mountain Lodge!

Mountain Lodge Demo

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