A shout out to the Many Hands!

I helped with that!

As the building work continues on Mountain Lodge, we have been both excited and encouraged by the number of people that will be able to look at the finished product and say “I helped with that!”

Our Mountain Lodge team of Graham, Lorne and Liam have been working tirelessly throughout the summer! Since our last update, the roof steel has gone on (watch the timelapse video here), the silverboard insulation has been installed and the strapping put up. In the last week, the siding on the second storey walls has gone up quickly and Mountain Lodge has begun to take on the “look” of Medeba buildings. Throughout this process, our maintenance team and some of our year round staff have been able to put time in and lend their knowledge and skills to the project.

We have also been blessed to have people volunteering on this project throughout the summer! We’ve had some of our LIT campers help out through their service days, and a number of familiar faces return to spend a week at Medeba and volunteer their time. Check out the pictures and see who you know!

What a huge help all of these extra hands have been in the process. It will be a wonderful experience to reflect at the grand opening about how many people were involved in making Mountain Lodge a success. From donating money to donating time, everyone who has contributed has our heartfelt thanks. And the future thanks of the many many youths that will be impacted by this building!

PS. If you are interested in volunteering your time, we’d love to hear from you. Contact Steve Archibald at steve@medeba.com

volunteering on Mountain Lodge

volunteering on Mountain Lodge

volunteering on Mountain Lodge